Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Photoblog: Winter Music Conference 2011 Part 1 : Honeycomb Music, Libation Brooklyn Mecca, Let The singer Be Heard

Well it was that time of year again . Time for the Winter Music Conference or WMC for those in the know in Miami Beach Florida. The WMC is a annual conference centered around the business Dance Music. And it is attended by some of the hottest and legendary artists and Dj's in the industry. This being my 13th or 14th time going you would think that I would be bored of the WMC . Well I'm not , this year was fun as always. On my first day in Miami I started out at The Honeycomb Music showcase, hosted by Josh Milan. I got there a little too early , so after checking out Dat Girl Curly on the decks I went over to the Brooklyn Mecca /Libation party. When I got there Dj Sabine was on and had the crowd rocking, and later on Ian Friday came on and just killed it.
So after I found out it was past 6:00 pm I ran back to the Honeycomb showcase at the tailend of the performances. But the last artist that was on gave a great performance, I forget her name please forgive me Josh . Then Josh Milan got on to close the night out, after we said happy birthday to Dorris . After The Honeycomb showcase we ran over to Barbra Tuckers Party Let The Singer Be Heard . This showcase to me is one of the most important events at the conference, because its purpose is to showcase artists, the vocalists of House Music . We got there late but I was able to see some of Barbra Tucker's performance, and I met NYC Dance Music legend James "D-Train" Williams. Todd Terry came on and had the crowd moving with some dance classics. But enough of me talking lets see the pics . enjoy

John Crooms

"Everybody's Favorite Photographer"

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