Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Photoblog: Earwax Reunion Jasz's 50th Birthday @ Mingles Atlanta Ga 6.4.2011

This past Saturday night I went over to Mingles to check out the Move Party. This one was really special because it was the 50th Birthday of The Godfather of the Atlanta Underground Music scene, Jasz of Earwax records . The night became the Earwax reunion , people from the Hip Hop , House and Neo Soul communities, and old customers and friends came out to show love to Jasz. When I got there Dj Rasta Root was on the decks playing a Hip Hop set. Then Dj Dock came on and kept the crowd moving, followed by Dj Kemit. Then Jasz got on the mic and said a few words of thanks to the supporters of Earwax. After that we were treated by special guest , Legendary Hip Hop producer Diamond D came on and did a 45 set. And after that Dj Brett Crenshaw, who came down from Brooklyn, came on and did a Second Saturday set. It was one of those magical nights , great people, good music , great energy we just needed Shabazz to make the night complete. Thanks Jasz and Happy 50th Birthday To Ya . Enough of me, lets see the pics. enjoy

John Crooms
"Everybody's Favorite Photographer"

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