Thursday, December 26, 2013

Photoblog : Tambor with The Chosen Few Dj's @ 595 North Ave Atlanta Ga 12.21. 2013

Last Saturday night I went over to 595 North ave to check out the last Tambor Party for 2013 , with special guests The Chosen Few Dj's  Alan King , Wayne Williams and Terry Hunter , from Chicago. I got there late that evening , so when I go there Wayne Williams was in the middle of his set and the place was already at a high energy level . I will say that Chicago was in the house that night !!!!  After Wayne finished Terry Hunter came on to close out the night, but we did not want the night to end . As I stated earlier I got there late so I missed Alan King, Stan Zeff ,and  Dj BE 's set . And I missed the performance  of Courtney LaFloy , sorry about that guys . But enough of me lets see the pics . enjoy

John Crooms
"Everybody's Favorite Photographer"

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