Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Photoblog: Tambor Party with Louie Vega at Wild Pitch Atlanta Ga 6.4.2016

It was a fun filled weekend for House Music lovers here in Atlanta . There was the Gathering at the Music Room on Friday night ,  The United Soul party at Piedmont Park  on Sunday Afternoon, and The Return To Paradise party at The Eagle  on Sunday Night . Now on Saturday night was was my highlight of the weekend . On Saturday night was The Tambor Party over at Wild Pitch . This one was special because of the special guest Louie Vega . So when I got there Stan Zeff had just finished his set , and he was doing a special birthday shout out to Michelle Dawes Birt. After the cake and song , Louie Vega was up and he gave it to the crowd from the first note of the first record . Now what made the night a little extra special was the fact that Wild Pitch was a more of a intimate space and I felt that the connection of Louie and the crowd was stronger than being in a big room . A few quick highlights for me was when Louie played his tribute remix of Sexy Dancer by Prince . Also his classics set during the later half of the evening especially when he played Over And Over by Slyvester . I will say that it was another great Tambor Party and I'm still buzzing from it , but enough of me lets see the pics . enjoy

John Crooms

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