Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Photoblog : Sweat Divas of House & Sunday Dinner Battle of The 45 Kings

It was another busy weekend here in Atlanta . On Saturday night Sweat and The Divas of House put on The Dare To Be Aware event. This was a fund raiser for K-Joy's I Am Woman Charity Remix Project. Which is a part of The Womens Cancer Network of The Gynecologic Cancer Foundation. Dj's Donna Baby, Kathy Crawford, Sabine and Celeste Alexander , provided the house grooves. And there were performances by Carolyn Harding, and K-Joy. Unfortunately I had a another engagement that evening and I got there late at the end of the event, so I missed everything but Celeste Alexander , who had the crowd rocking.
On Sunday I went to the Sunday Dinner's 3rd Annual Battle of The 45 Kings. Hosted by Dj Emerald at Dannemans Coffee . That was a dope party, Dj Apple Jac , Kemit, and Boogie Nite had the crowd rocking. All of the djs just played 45's , no serato, no I-pods, cds or 12 inches. They just rotated so there were no sets , just a bunch of djs playing their 45 collections having fun. So enough of me lets see the pics. Enjoy
John Crooms
"Everybody's Favorite Photographer"

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