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Friday, September 8, 2017

Photoblog: House In The Park 13 Grant Park Atlanta Ga 9.2.2017 Part 1

Well it's been a minute  since my last blog post, and I figured that House In The Park would be a great subject to bring the blog back. Also the fact that I shot over 1200 pictures on Sunday and if I posted them all on Facebook it might be too much . So it was the Sunday before Labor Day and  it was time for House In The Park over at Grant Park . I got to the park about 8:45 AM and the park was already full of festival goers . The energy and anticipation was at a all time high , when they did a quick sound check at 10:30 AM about 50 people ran to the pavilion and started dancing not realizing that the event started at 12:00 . I walked around the park saw some friends did some quick exploration of the area and was digging the positive vibes from the people . A little after 12 noon it began , House In The Park 13 was off and going . Dj Salah Ananse was the first Dj up and it did not take long for the crowd to fill the pavilion  and Grant Park was rocking from the very first record played to the  way past the last record . Next up was Dj Kemit who took the crowd who was already at a 10 to about a 15  and the day was only half done. So remember that this is the first part  so sit back relax and enjoy . I would suggest playing a mix on and look at the pictures . enjoy

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