Thursday, April 16, 2015

Photoblog: Winter Music Conference 2015 : Tribe & Tambor Party Ocean's 10 South Beach Miami 3.28.2015

Saturday was my last day in Miami, and I went out with a bang . I spent Saturday at the Tribe & Tambor House United party . So when I got there I had missed Dj Kevin Latham's set , but Dj Sres from Sankofa Soul was on getting the early crowd warmed up. Then Dj Yogi from the Solid Garage Sound was on next and continued the build up . After him Gigi Testa came on and took it up a notch and the vibe and the energy was really building up. Mark Fancis was next up on this all day affair, also during the sets we were blessed with percussion from Kyng Fuzion and Stingray Sabater . Next up was Kristelle Morin from Tribe Recods , that is when the vibe exploded . I don't remember what she did but , she had the crowd screaming . Stan Zeff followed Kristelle and by then it was done this party was in overdrive , the crowd was floating on air. Jihad Muhammad and Oscar P wrapped the evening . As I stated before this was the party to be at on Saturday and it was a great way to end my WMC 2015 experience. But before I went back to my room after The Tribe & Tambor party I stopped by the New York State of Mind party over at The Chesterfield . And chilled out with the sounds of Lil Ray for a while . Then I left because I was wore out and my shuttle bus was picking me up at 3;00 am to get me to the airport. It was a fun time  in Miami as always, and I can't wait for next year . But enough of me . Lets see the pics. enjoy

John Crooms

"Everybody's Favorite Photographer"

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