Friday, September 9, 2016

Photoblog : Afrique Electrique With Salah Ananse Ian Friday and Jihad Muhammad at The Music Room ATL Weekender Atlanta GA 9.3.16

The Atlanta Weekender was a very busy event and unfortunately I missed the day time activities on Saturday , but Saturday night was something totally different . On Saturday night I went over to check out Afrique Electrique with Salah Ananse and special guests Ian Friday and Jihad Muhammad over at the Music Room . It was a packed house when I got there ,  Salah had the crowd moving with his deep house and Afro futuristic selections . Then Ian Friday came on and took control of the crowd.  The vibe was so intense that I had to leave for a min because it was too hot in there , the floor was sweating . So after my quick break I went back in and Jihad Muhammad came on to wrap up the night . Now I was trying to leave and I didn't want to but, House In The Park was the next day I wanted to get there early . And I had some fun adventures at the end of the evening , but that's another story  for another time . But enough of me , let's see the pics . enjoy 

John Crooms 

" Everybody's Favorite Photographer " 

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