Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Photoblog : House In The Park 12 Part 1 Grant Park Atlanta Ga 9.4.2016

Labor Day weekend means a lot to different folks in Atlanta . There's Dragon Con , the Chic Fil A College Football Kickoff , Black Gay Pride , The Decatur Book Fair , but for lovers of House Music it's The Atlanta Weekender and Sunday It's House In The Park .  This was  the 12th year for the House In The Park festival and wow it was a great one. I got there around 10am and I was already late . Grant Park was full of folks setting up their tents and grills and things . The dance pavilions weren't even set up yet . Folks were chilling and getting their mind bodies and souls ready for the all day event . At 12pm House In The Park started, Salah Ananse was the first Dj up and at 12 the first pavilion was filling up fast . After Salah , Dj Kemit came on to rock the crowd and we were already in full swing . This was going to be a epic event and it was . Salah and Kemit had the first half of House In The Park  rocking and had me wondering how this was going to end . But this is only part one to the story . So enough from me , let's see the pics. enjoy

John Crooms

"Everybody's Favorite Photographer"

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