Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Photoblog: National Record Store Day In Store @ Moods Music 4.9.2016 Atlanta GA

On Saturday afternoon I found out that it was National Record Store Day , and I found out that there was some activities that were happening over at Moods Music to celebrate National Record Store Day . So I went over to Little 5 Points and it was a festive atmosphere in the area . All of the record stores in the area had activities and live in store performances spotlighting independent artists . I get to Moods Music and Dj Applejac was spinning and folks were dancing and grooving , and buying music.  After Applejac's set vocalist D Maurice (D-Mo!) came on and did a couple songs from his new project . After him it was vocalist Monica Blaire turn to bless the mic then Chantae Cann came on to do a few selections from her album. Then Dj Tabone came on to bless the crowd with a cool set. After Dj Tabone's set  Rhonda Thomas came on , and she had Daz I Que accompanying her on her set. Also she had pulled up a crew of backup dancers from the crowd to help, which made her set a fun time . Then Dj Salah Ananse came on to keep the vibe going on, and I left Moods for my next stop . So It was a cool Saturday afternoon for me , saw some friends and heard some cool music, and discovered some new artists . But enough of me , let's see the pics. enjoy

John Crooms

" Everybody's Favorite Photographer"

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