Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Photoblog: Adore The Healing Edition of Lovesexy with Trey West Dj Kemit and Salah Ananse at Studio 7 Atlanta Ga 4.23.2016

Well it was a very difficult weekend for music lovers with the passing of Prince. People were hurt and needing some form tribute and healing . Here in the city of Atlanta there were many tribute parties for Prince that started on that Thursday .  On Saturday night I went over to Studio 7 to check out Adore a special healing session of Lovesexy, the annual Prince tribute party hosted by Dj Salah Ananse . For the Adore event the Dj's for the night was Trey West , Kemit and Salah Ananse . When I got there the line was around the corner at 9:30 and a lot of babysitters  were called that night because all of the grown adults came out  to dance to cry to heal and say goodbye to Prince . The Doors opened and everybody did get in, Trey West  was the first Dj on deck and set the mood for the night . Then Kemit got one and took the packed house on a musical journey . Dres Tha Beatnik jumped on the mic for a quick freestyle and flow . Then after that Salah Ananse came on and Kemit was on the mic and it was on from there on. This was a magical night I saw a bunch of folks that I haven't see in a long time , and it was good to see everybody. The place was packed throughout the night and Atlanta showed out and gave Prince a proper send off . Thank you Nina and Salah for putting together a last min celebration like that that was free to the public. But enough of me lets see the pics. enjoy

John Crooms

" Everybody's Favorite Photographer "

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