Thursday, September 6, 2012

Photoblog : Atlanta Weekender Spread Love: Everlasting Album Release & Sadar Bahar @ Sound Table Atlanta Ga 9.1.2012

Saturday night was my second night of Atlanta Weekender activities for me . That night we were treated to a special installment of Spread Love at Sound Table Space 2 and on the other side at Sound Table was Dj Sadar Bahar. So as I stated it was a special installment of Spread Love because this was Dj Kemit's album release party for his album Everlasting. When I got there Kemit was already on and the crowd was in full dance mode. I quickly ran next door to check out Sadar Bahar, but he was not on yet but Steve Mathis was on and he was giving the crowd a taste of classic Disco from Chicago , so after checking out Steve I came back to Sound Table 2 to check out the live performances . Mykel Mcintosh was the first artist ,featured on Everlasting, to come on. Then Terrance Downs followed Mykel with his vocal selections and then the high point of my evening, is when Sepsenahki wrapped up the showcase by singing the song Spread Love. Even though she had a sore throat, Sepseahki killed that song . After the performance I went next door to check out Sadar Bahar and he had The Sonud Table rocking. Sadar was playing a instrumental of Melodies, I never heard the instrumental of that song. He kept the night jaming with his vinyl selection of 45's and 12inches . I made my way back to the other side to check out Kemit's set and to close out my evening , because I had to get up early the next day for House In The Park 8 . But to sum it up it was a great night , go pick up Everlasting by Dj Kemit , and good job Salah Ananse for putting together the Atlanta Weekender , can't wait to see what next year brings . But enough of me lets see the pics . enjoy

John Crooms

" Everybody's Favorite Photographer"

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