Thursday, June 16, 2016

Photoblog : Celebrate Day Party Women On Deck @ The Alley Cat Music Club Atlanta Ga 6.11.2016

It was a very hot Saturday afternoon last weekend . So instead of staying at home I went out to check The Celebrate Day party over at their new location, The Alley Cat Music Club on Auburn Ave . So this Celebrate was special because this was the Women On Deck  party . So it was an all female lineup of 3 of Atlanta's hottest Dj's . I forgot to mention that being at a new location that there was a cool new feature , a outside deck so we could enjoy the weather. When I got there I missed Nicky Monty's set , but Dj Aquaria was on setting the mood for the day . After her Dj Rasyrious came on to continue the vibe of the day . And at the end of the party Dj 1Derful and Dj BE came on to close out the night . I forgot to mention my highlight was the grilled chicken , yeah it was that good . Also we celebrated the birthday of Raenisha wife of Sir Thomas . But enough of me , let's see the pics . enjoy

John Crooms

" Everybody's Favorite Photographer" 

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