Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Photoblog: Tambor With Terry Hunter @ 595 North Ave Atlanta Ga 4.21.2012

Friday was the first Tambor after The WMC . And Stan Zeff treated the Tambor family with special guest Dj producer Terry Hunter from Chicago . When I got there Dj Brian Edwards was on the decks getting the crowd warmed up for Terry Hunter . Then Terry Hunter came on and played his set for the crowd. And this night there was a nice crowd of folks from Chicago to cheer on Terry, and Atlanta showed much love . The party was so intense that I burnt out my camera at the end of the night . Afterwards Stan Zeff came on to close out the night and put another Tambor in the books. But enough of me Lets see the pics . enjoy

John Crooms

"Everybody's Favorite Photographer"

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