Monday, June 27, 2011

Photoblog: Greenhouse House Music Festival With Dawn Tallman @ Piedmont Park Atlanta Ga 6.25.2011

This Saturday was the Greenhouse House Music Festival , over at Piedmont Park . This the third year of doing Greenhouse, and it was extra special because guest Dj Glenn Thornton, from Slagg Records, and The Queen of Gospel House Energy Dawn Tallman . When I got to the park Dj Kevin Latham was on getting the crowd warmed up . Then Glenn Thornton came on and kept the vibe going. Then it got interesting, there was a wedding that was going on at the pool area so the music had to be turned down for 30 min, but that did not stop the show. Erroll T Claxton had a mini fashion show durring the intermission. Then the party started back up again with Dj Yusef behind the wheels . After 30 min Dawn Tallman came and took Piedmont Park to Church !!!! And had the crowd begging for more. To sum it up it was a great day in Atlanta for House Music, good vibes great people, and really nice weather. The only sad news was that my camera died on me before the night was over, oh well things happen. But enough of me , lets see the pics . enjoy

John Crooms

"Everybody's Favorite Photographer"

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