Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Photoblog: Tambor With Joe Claussell @ 595 North Ave Atlanta Ga 4. 16.2011

Saturday night was a fun night for me. I ended up at over at the Tambor party at 595 North ave . This months installment was really special . We were treated to a very special guest Dj for the evening, The lengendary Joe Claussell from Body & Soul and Sacred Rhythm Music. When I got there Joe just came on and had the packed house movin and worked up into a frenzy . Then later on that night there was a live performance from vocalist Miranda Nicole, she sang her hit song Kissing You , on Tea Party Music . Then Joe came back on and took the crowd on a musical journey for the rest of the night . The club had to throw us out at the end of the night , crowd did not want it to end . Another memorable night at Tambor, but enough of me lets see the pics. enjoy

John Crooms

"Everybody's Favorite Photographer"

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