Monday, September 6, 2010

Photoblog: House In The Park 6 Perkerson Park Atlanta Ga 09.05.2010

Well it's Labor Day Weekend in Atlanta and that means it was time for House In The Park . All I can say about House In The Park 6 was WOW !!!! This was a event that will go down in history . Atlanta showed out Sunday afternoon, I'm guesstimating over 3000 people descended on Perkerson Park in Southwest Atlanta to hear Djs Kemit , Salah Ananse , Ramon Rawsoul, and Kai Alce play some of the best current and classic House Music . The Vibe at House In The Park 6 was real positive and the energy was good. Children playing in the playground. Folks grilling and fellowshiping and everybody dancing. There were also alot of folks from out of town at this House In The Park and a few House Music celebrities dropped in like, Moodyman, Roland Clark, Carolyn Harding, Greg Gray , Rick Wilhite. And Colonel Abrahms did a suprise quick stop through at House In The Park. To sum it up House In The Park 6 was a great event , if you are a lover of House Music and you missed this , you have 365 days to prepare for the next one. Ramon you did a great job providing a good vibe . The volunteers were on it , Kimberly Stewart you did your thing on the mic getting those donations, made me give a couple of dollars . Kemit , Salah, Kai, and Ramon ya'll really showed out . I had a great time , but enough of me rambling, lets see the pics. enjoy

John Crooms
"Everybody's Favorite Photographer"

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