Monday, January 4, 2010

Photoblog: Spread Love With Djinji Brown and Dj Ausar 01.02.10

First let me say Happy New Year to everybody. and I hope everybody had a safe holiday season. I started my New Year over at Spread Love on Saturday night. This months installment featured the sounds of Atlanta's Dj Ausar , and Dj Djinji Brown from Yoruba records. I got there a little late, rough night at work, but when I got there the crowd was groovin to the sounds of Djinji Brown and his afro funk vibe. Later on Dj Kemit got on to change it up for a minute. The Dj Ausar got back on and wrapped up the night. But enough of me lets see the pics. Enjoy and Happy Birthday Tammy !!!
John Crooms
"Everybody's Favorite Photographer"

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