Thursday, December 17, 2009

Photoblog: Tighten Up With Rich Medina at The Highland Inn Ballroom Atlanta Ga 12 15 09

On Tuesday night I went to check out Rich Medina at the Tighten Up party over at the Highland Ballroom. When I got there Rich Medina was spinning his set of cool R&B classics and grooves. I normally don't speak bad about parties and events on my blog, but I feel I have to say something about this. I RSVP'ed for this event , and I got a conformation email that stated not to worry about coming after 11 I would not be taxed. When I got there and informed the door staff that I was on the RSVP list . I was told that that list was closed and paid full price. I had a other folks tell me similar stories . So to The Come Up Kids please have better communication with your door staff, and practice better business . Well enough of my rant , lets see the pics .
John Crooms
"Everybody's Favorite Photographer"

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