Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Photoblog: House In The Park 5 Perkerson Park Atlanta Ga 09.06.09

Well it was the Sunday before Labor Day in Atlanta, and that means it was time for House In the Park . This year was a special year, because this was the fifth year of House In the Park . When I got to Perkerson Park at 2:00 there was already a nice crowd at the park. Dj Salah Ananse had the crowd groovin . Dj Kemit came on afterwards and rocked it. After Kemit House In The Park creator and organizer Ramon Rawsoul played like there was no tomorrow, then Kai Alce wrapped up the evening to a packed pavillion. This had to be the largest crowd to show up for this event. There were folks who flew in from New York , Philly and even China for this one. If you live in Atlanta and you missed this one , you missed one for the record books. To Salah , Kemit and Kai, you guys killed it . To the Volunteers , great job on keeping the park clean and getting donations. To Ramon Rawsoul , thanks for putting on such a great event for 5 years , and we hope we can keep doing it for 500 more . But enough of me , if you missed it you'll be hearing about it from folks who went for a year till next year. Lets see the pics , its a bunch so enjoy.
John Crooms
"Everybody's Favorite Photographer"

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